Each terrain, whether being, space or object, describes itself with a singular sense. It evolves over time and transforms with each foreign body that it encounters. In turn, the bodies that navigate through it capture traces of knowledge offered by the terrain. Also unique in sense, each course makes us who we are.

The By-Product studies are a collection of works from the last 2 years. What links them together is their process. Each work considers the situation, history, and the artist’s encounters in the context. Each process attempts to detach from prescribed meanings in hopes to expand the knowledge within the “in-between” terrain. What is at stake is the artist’s body and how it materializes the knowledge it acquires.

Framing describes another branch of Michel’s practices. In Scar Stories and Make An Agreement, the public encounter the artist through one-on-one meetings. Each meeting attempts to surface the embodied knowledge of the other through recognisable and intimate actions.