When the belfry falls silent

Seeking a dialogue between nature and culture, my desire is to insert, merge, or bury the body into the wondrous terrain of the Sint-Baafsabdij. These moments of rest signify a return to nature, to the self, or to a state “zero”.

In between moments of rest, the body enters into chaotic and nervous gestures following rituals of building, falling, and dragging. The body, constrained by arduous manual labor and the desire for productivity, fails to find stability and purpose. Civilisation dissolves meaninglessly into nature.  When the belfry falls silent is an adaptation of All in a day’s work (2014) for the Mute Festival.

All in a day’s work was originally created on the nature reserve, La Bonne Esperence in Turnhout (BE). The project concept, titled Borderline initiated by artist Nick Steur, was to create a performance inspired by the fairy tale location without the use of electricity.

26 September 2015
Mute Art Festival in Silence, Gent (BE)