Scar Stories


To reinscribe scars. To bring up stories of knowledge contained in the body, to collect traces of these stories, and to continually reinscribe their reality.

Scar Stories is a response to the conference, Peace: Utopia or Real Space? Rather than to speak on the subject of peace, I attempt to engage in and to elicit vulnerability, which I value as one of the key qualities to achieve or maintain peace.

Through intimate tête-à-tête meetings in a bed located in a public space, the spectator and I share stories behind our physical scars. By sewing traces of the scars on each other’s clothes, we enter into an intimate pact while rewriting reality.

All encounters leave a trace and all encounters are documented.





Created and performed by Michel Yang
Photographs by  Helga Baert, Frank Homeyer, Elisabeth Lebailly, Marcelo Mardones, Alejandro Petrasso, Jan Van Gijsel
Supported by a.pass | and the Vlaamse Gemeenschap.
With many thanks to Les Bains::Connective, Elke Van Campenhout, Marie Caeyers, Karen Lancel, Constanze Schellow, Jan Van Gijsel, Laia Puig Escandell

Scar Stories is one result of Yang’s research on storytelling developed in the context of a.pass|  More information regarding this or other results of Yang’s research can be found at the website,


Conference Peace: Utopia or Real Space? Berlin (DE) 2008

Les Bains::Connective, Brussels (BE) 2009

In Transit Lab, Berlin (DE) 2009

Het Theater Festival, in collaboration with a.pass, Brussels (BE) 2009

Brxl Brvo, Brussel (BE) 2009

ReCommerce, Parcours d’Artistes, Brussels (BE) 2014