Oracle Singing Blind Moves

Oracle Singing Blind Moves is a shared body-voice practice that takes the interior and exteriorizes it vocally. The invisible becomes concrete, not through sight but through sound. We resign ourselves from sight to access another form of self, to heighten listening, and to investigate duality within and between ourselves and the spectator. Rather than focusing on composition or singing from a musical practice Oracle explores inner sensations coming from a body practice. Voices meet in (dis)harmony. Our physicality embodies the situation bridging (dis)harmony to the visual. The vocal architecture, blind interaction, and movement score create a space for play and research.

Oracle Singing Blind Moves was co-founded by Caroline Daish, Justine Maxelon and Michel Yang In December 2015 their differing motivations to vocalize serendipitously brought them together. They quickly found complicity in their way of working and commonality in their questions. Since then Oracle has been presented in diverse contexts as a performance, installation, workshop and reserach. As an open practice, other artists are welcome to join thus informing the practice’s evolution.


Dec 2015               Caroline, Justine and Michel devise the Oracle practice in Brussels.
Mar 2016              Performance in Onderbroken Stad, Antwerp Research for the Arts
May 2016              Residency at Bains Connective, BE)
June 2016             Tu Danseras, an Oracle video – Curate It Yourself
June 2016             Workshop of the Oracle practice – Pianofabriek (Brussels, BE)
Sept 2016              Performance in Kamernest Performance Festival, BE


27 October 2016
Workshop of the Oracle practice – Articulate, Koninklijk Conservatorium, BE


Caroline creates performance with voice, theater and sound art. Her current research is in spatialising sound using binaural microphones and live performance.

Justine researches voice, movement and the meaning that can be produced. She is a contemporary dancer working between Brussels, Berlin, and Munich.

Michel confronts a sickness concerning her lungs. She desires to vocalize as an alternative, obscure, and concrete way to touch the unknown and the hostile.

Three blind oracles
Three blind oracles
See how they sing
See how they sing

They all go searching for Vocal sounds
They end up sounding like howling hounds
Mismatching and Shaking Their reference points / and fictionalizing
Between three blind oracles

Losing their balance
Lost in the friction
See how they struggle
Guided by friction

A moving tableau in disharmony
Brings us together in company
matching body and sound is a balance to find
Between three blind oracles