The Agreement Project

To affirm the mutual commitment between you and me

In this performance, I attempt to make contractual agreements with the spectator. The Agreement Project began as a response to the Artistic Conference on Knowledge Production. In this context I wanted to offer an opportunity to conference participants to experience or frame an artistic practice of their own.

We will attempt to make an agreement — an agreement of an artistic practice in which you will engage. We will bring our unique experiences together and attempt to meet at a common point.  Let us negotiate and see if we arrive to an agreement.

You will then engage in your artistic practice as defined in the agreement.

The Agreement Project incorporates basic market instruments. In varying degrees, these instruments contribute to defining certain stakes in art production and practice, which may influence the degree of engagement and/or the formulation of the practice.

Results of all agreements whether fulfilled or unfulfilled can be viewed at




Artistic Conference on Knowledge Production, Brussels (BE) 2011

I Fail Good, Beursschouwburg, Brusels (BE) 2012

Various times independent of producers and contexts.