by-product #4

The body of By-Product #4 is an accumulation of previous the studies – the ruins of an abandoned cement factory, the absent bodies of Iranian political prisoners of the 80’s, a curiosity with masks, and the artist-collector relationship.

By revisiting the past, I make an attempt to understand the raison d’etre of my work. Until now, past works have been responses to situations and encounters. What do they have in common? By-Product #4 is a turning point leading me to read how I respond to the contexts, to better understand my attraction and use of objects, and to learn how all of this feeds into my work.

10, 11 October 2014
By-Product #4 was presented in Convergences, a collective performance evening that took place at the Projection Room.   Five performance artists transmit plural and common sensibilities linked with the body.  Durational actions, installations, and images embody their experiences, perceptions, politics, and poetics.