Blessed Objects

A year ago severe health concerns triggered me to see and reflect upon my work differently from how I had perceived it until then. I started to ask what does my work reveal about me?  My research begins on a personal level from which I hope to address universal questions – namely the need to identify, the need for ritual and the need to heal through self-empowerment and art.

I am exploring the coherent links and haphazard connections between my artistic practices, myself and my illness. Through sharing my practices with others I cross other ways of knowing the work. The oblique links surface the secret relations and intimate correspondences concerning the body.  Concrete activities include filming my clinic visits, stick carving and line drawing as meditation, body-voice practice, crying practice, and literature study of alternative medical practices. Results have been partly reflection and partly ritual taking the form of image maps, videos, object arrangements, a ritual and lectures.

Out of these experiences, my current research trajectory point towards the development of a crying practice. My central questions inculde: What is the relevance of crying to the community? What is its relevance to the individual in the community? And what is the relevance of its embodiment?


March – April 2016         Residency at Bains Connective, BE
March 2016                        Lecture presentation – Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels, BE
October 2016                     Performance and Installation presentation – Happenings at Bains Connective
October 2016                     Lecture presentation and Video installation – Articulate at Koninklijk Conservatroium Antwerpen, BE