(working title)


My motivation for pursuing this project is to confront myself with who I am.

A second motivation in regards to my recent artistic trajectory is to meet the other—this other being that which I resist or other being the spectator and meeting as a way to closely engage ourselves in reflections on the world/forces around us.


To meet the other through the medium of this creation from which a fourth space is created.

The starting point is my own identity.

  • How I see myself is different from how others see me.
  • First impressions are often based on how one looks, how one behaves, and how one speaks.
  • The forces around me define who I am.
  • I resist how some people see me.  Where does this resistance come from?

In an attempt to understand my resistance and to understand my irresolute and at times capricious identity, I will try to identify with people’s first impressions of me.


  1. Enter a public context.
  2. Invite others to tell me who I am.
  3. Identify with the data.
  4. With this new identity, repeat steps 1-4.