Scar Stories

Scar Stories is simultaneously a performative installation and an active self-documentation. For further information and photos, please visit


To reinscribe scars. To bring up stories of knowledge contained in the body, to collect traces of these stories, and to continually reinscribe their reality.

How does it work?

The artist lies in a bed in a public space.  She revisits her scars by sewing their form and texture onto her outer skin (her clothes). One by one observers may share a moment with her in the bed.  The artist asks her guest if there is a scar that he/she would like to share?
She sews the selected scar onto her guest’s clothes superimposing the original scar.
She then asks the guest to reciprocate by sewing their scar on to her clothes at the same
place relative to her body.


All the while, a photographer takes pictures of the situation.
All encounters leave a trace and are documented.
Traces and records of past Scar Stories sessions are exhibited in the near by surroundings.
• Short texts summarizing each story shared.
• Photos of past encounters.
• Sound recordings of accidents and lists of words.
• Post-it’s with drawings or impressions of scars.



Created and performed by Michel Yang

Photographs by  Helga Baert, Frank Homeyer, Elisabeth Lebailly, Marcelo Mardones, Alejandro Petrasso, Jan Van Gijsel

Supported by a.pass | and the Vlaamse Gemeenschap.

With many thanks to Les Bains::Connective, Elke Van Campenhout, Marie Caeyers, Karen Lancel, Constanze Schellow, Jan Van Gijsel, Laia Puig Escandell

Scar Stories is one result of Yang’s research on storytelling developed in the context of a.pass|  More information regarding this or other results of Yang’s research can be found at the website,