Agreement For Sale

To affirm the mutual commitment between you and me

Agreement For Sale aims to uniquely touch each participant with an artistic experience that has the potential to develop new relationships with his/her environment. It accomplishes this by engaging the participant in a contractual agreement to produce, experience, and document an individually tailored artistic proposal.


  • Together, I negotiate with a participant to define an artistic practice.
  • We make a contractual agreement stating that the participant will engage in the defined artistic practice.
  • The participant contributes a nominal investment of 5 euro.*
  • Upon fulfillment of the agreement, I pay the participant 50 euro.*

*  Agreement For Sale’s first public offering occurred at Don’t Know, conference on the artistic production of knowledge.  Six contracts were available for sale.  Four contracts were sold.  The financial instruments used were a 5 euro investment with a 50 euro remuneration.


The status of contracts available and sold can be followed up on


Agreement For Sale incorporates certain basic market instruments. These instruments in varying degrees contribute to defining certain stakes in art production and practice which then influence the degree of engagement and/or the formulation of the practice.  In Agreement For Sale, the contractual agreement serves as a platform for these instruments to ask, “What practices and results do we get for this value and these stakes?”


An agreement is one possible result of a negotiation. To arrive at an agreement involves giving and taking from all sides. This involves risk taking and reformulating one’s position. When an agreement is reached, all parties are linked by this common knowledge.  The artistic practice is negotiatied within these terms:

  • Relationships:  The nature of the practice should touch each participant with an experience that has the potential to develop new relationships with her/his environment and within his/her own practice.
  • Duration: The practice should be a continual process that is (re)visited on a daily basis for 30 consecutive days allowing the participant to profoundly enter a self-reflective experience.
  • Witness:  The nature of the practice should be public or social allowing any witness to formulate a position in relation to the practice with him/herself.


Created and performed by Michel Yang

With thanks to Michele Meesen, a.pass, Nicolas Galeazzi, and Lilia Mestre.