The photographer left, he told the truth

(work in progress)

A collaboration with photographer Charlotte Bouckaert and choreographers Armand van den Hamer and Michel Yang.

The photographer left, he told the truth looks at the characteristics and limits of photography in relation to performance.  How does photography transform the reality?

  • A photograph is a complex play of presence and absence.
  • A photo is a certificate of what one’s was, no certainty about its before or after.
  • Sense of the unapproachable.  Apparition of a distance, no matter how close it is.
  • The shutter fragments the world.

“The photograph fundamentally transforms that which exists before the camera, and that in its inability, one might say its failure, to match reality. The photograph is revealed in its difference: ‘Its frame marks a provisional limit; its content refers to other contents outside the frame; and its structure denotes something that cannot be encompassed — physical existence.”


A performance for one.  The viewer enters a dark closet-sized space in which only the digital screen of a photocamera and the camera trigger are available.  Outside the dark space is a performance happening. Only by taking a picture can the viewer see the performance.  The viewer is the photographer and therefore decides when to take a picture. The performance is enacted solely for the camera.


A Collaboration Between Charlotte bouckaert, armand van den hammer, and michel yang

SUPPORTED BY Pianofabriek, Les Bains Connective, stuk, and beursschouwburg